Renew and Refresh Your Workspace - Elegant Solutions for Your Office

Around this time of year, I always start thinking about redecorating my house - maybe paint a few rooms, redo the floors… get the idea. It’s also a great time to refresh your workspace and I have a quick and easy way to add a little character to your office.

Change your clocks! (No, I don’t mean for daylight savings time.) A lot of businesses have the same basic clocks on the walls. How about one with a little more style? Here are a few new items we’ve added this year:

This clock has an elegant, contemporary feel to it and features raised silver markings. It’s sleek and sophisticated and is perfect for conference rooms, lobbies, offices and waiting areas.

Also contemporary, I think this clock has a more scientific feel to it. I see it in tech company offices or classrooms.

This one can go two ways in my opinion. It’s great for the tech sector but it can also work well in an industrial setting. The contrast design makes it highly visible and would work well in a warehouse or manufacturing setting.

Last for today is our traditional clock. It has the look of a beautiful wood, but it’s actually a plastic frame. Perfect for CPA offices, law offices or any place else done in traditional furnishings.

If I didn’t hit a home run with any of these, browse our complete selection here. I’m confident you’ll find just what you’re looking for!