Returns Are Now Online!

Have you seen it? It’s AWESOME!


We’re pleased to announce another enhancement to our website - online returns! You asked if there was a way to submit a return request online and we heard you! It’s quick and easy - and it’s live now!

There are several ways to get to the return screen - I’ll show you two of them.

First, log in to your account. Then, hover your mouse over the My Accounts link in the top right corner of your screen and click on Order History in the drop down menu.


On the Order History screen, click the checkbox next to the order that you want to return something from and then click the Expand button. This will open another box showing you all the items on the order. Click the box next to the item(s) you want to return and click the green Credit Return button.


Our system will automatically fill in the information from the order. All you need to do at this point is adjust the return quantity (if necessary), choose a reason and click Submit.


Voila! You’re done! Easy peasy! From here, you can click on Continue Shopping to place a new order.


The other super easy way to do it is to choose Items Recently Purchased from the My Accounts drop down menu.


This takes you to a list of items instead of a list of orders. Find the item you want to return and click the Return button.

If you purchased the same item on multiple orders, you’ll see a pop-up box with those orders. Simply choose the order you want to use for the return and click Credit return.


This will take you back to this screen that I already showed you where you choose the quantity and the reason. Then click Submit.

Do you love it? I love it! I know you’re going to love it!

Of course, we’re still here for you. Anytime you have questions - or just want to talk to a human being - call us! We’re here to help!