Room Accessories - Make Your Office Feel Comfortable

If I say "Office Furniture" to you, probably the first things that come to your mind are desk, chair and credenza.  You wouldn't be alone in that thought, but there is more to office furniture than just the "hardware."  Room accessories play a major role in the decor of your office; they help create the atmosphere and the comfort level of both your employees and guests (really important if you are in a medical office).

Over the years, there have been many studies that investigated the effects of plants on office workers.  These studies found that many types of health issues are improved by having vegetation in the work place.  Problems like stress, fatigue and headache were reduced and the ability to concentrate improved when plants were present.  People had more positive moods and reduced pain perceptions.  (Source:

Wow - all that from plants?

Not only do plants help reduce physical symptoms, but they also make the office look inviting and feel comfortable and homey.  Corners are obviously great locations for trees like these:

Artificial Ficus Tree  ( pot  sold separately)

Artificial Ficus Tree (pot sold separately)

Artificial Palm Tree  ( pot  sold separately)

Artificial Palm Tree (pot sold separately)

For end tables and coffee tables, smaller potted plants can add a touch of color and elegance:

Small touches are often overlooked when designing office spaces.  Remember to complete the design with plants like these.  Add a few nicely framed pictures and your office will be inviting and soothing.  As always, we're here to help - if you have any question or would like design assistance, give us a call at 877-795-2600.