Room Dividers - Make the Most of Your Space

If you work in a space with a lot of employees in one room, chances are you frequently get distracted by the noise and commotion.  And you may be bothered by the lack of privacy.  While privacy panels and room dividers won't put a cone of silence around you, they do help to put a barrier between you and those unwanted distractions.

It used to be that cubicle panels came in your choice of gray or putty colored fabric. <snooze>  Those are still available and can actually be very nice looking - you can get a little creative with the arrangements.  Add panels of different heights as you see below to create a more interesting atmosphere.  

But - and here's the exciting part - you're not limited to just fabric panels.  Today's privacy screens include translucent plastic dividers:

Whiteboard &amp; nameplate that comes with the WPS 2000

Whiteboard & nameplate that comes with the WPS 2000

The possibilities are endless.  Don't want to put up full dividers?  Consider a half privacy panel like this:

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