Safety & Security: Guard Your Home or Office

Do you know who's watching you?  Do you keep an eye on your home or business effectively?  Every so often I like to showcase an unusual item - one that you ordinarily might not think of trying to purchase from your office supply dealer - and today I'd like to show you our selection of surveillance cameras and dashcam recorders.

We have a variety of solutions available, ranging from a single camera to a four-channel system to an eight-channel smart HD video security system with four 720p HD cameras.  You pick what fits your budget.  

Don't have a budget?  No money available to spend on "fancy equipment?"  No worries.  We have decoy cameras as well!  For a very reasonable (read: amazingly low) price, you can purchase a dummy dome camera or dummy bullet camera, mount them and nobody will know but you.

It seems that you can't watch a news broadcast now without having a dashcam video shown as part of a segment.  If you travel a lot - or just want one because you think it would be neat - we can offer you a selection of quality dashcam recorders by Uniden.  Priced from $99.99 to $199.99 depending on model, these cameras offer a range of capabilities and features to fill your needs.

Browse our website for these and other useful items for home and office.  Don't see what you're looking for?  Give us a call and one of our real, live customer service representatives will be absolutely overjoyed to help you!