Sit-to-Stand Furniture - Perch Chairs

Sit-to-stand furniture has been the hot thing in furniture for some time now - it's the "in" thing for healthy office environments and helping employees to be more active at work.  A sit-stand desk can be the perfect solution for someone with nagging back problems or circulation problems because it allows them to get up and stretch their legs and back while still being able to do their work.  Even if you don't have issues, it's still a good idea to change positions every so often and not stay seated all day long.

One of the salespeople in our office has a sit-stand desk and he pretty much always uses it in the standing position.  He's always on the go and isn't usually at his desk for very long.  If that sounds like you, but you'd still like the option to sit, you may want to consider the Basyx by HON Perch Chair.

The Basyx by HON Perch Chair  is an active seating solution that supports seated and standing height positions.  The seat can be adjusted with the touch of a button and can raise up to a height of 35 inches and swivel 360 degrees.  The waterfall seat edge improves lower body circulation and strength and the seat contours align with the body's natural curves to provide active support.  It has a pivoting base that tilts forward to bring you closer to work while maintaining a healthy posture.

I like to stand at my desk sometimes but I can't stand for long, so this chair is the perfect solution.  It would allow me to just lean back a little and have a spot to rest while still really standing.  "Perching" is the perfect compromise.  Ask your sales rep about this chair or see it here on our website.

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