Take Your Dog to Work Day

Tomorrow, June 26, is National Take Your Dog to Work Day!

Bring your pooch to work and let him enjoy all the attention your co-workers can shower on him. Your co-workers will benefit as well because research shows that petting a dog reduces stress - and we all have tons of stress at work, right?  (You know I'm right - even if you don't want to admit it.  Wait til your boss walks away and then you can say yes.)

 Post a pic of your furry friend and tell us a little bit about him.  

I'll start.  This is my dog, Sam.

Sam is a mixed breed - part Chow (for sure) and part German Shepherd (we think).  He was a rescue, so we're not sure how old he is.  Based on the paperwork from the shelter, we think he's around 13 years old.  We've had him since 2007 and he's a great dog - very mellow.  I know this isn't a very good picture of him, but he hates having his picture taken and he walks away every time you aim the camera at him.  He even knows when I'm trying to take a picture of him with my iPad.  I don't know how he knows there's a camera in my iPad, but he knows!  Sam's favorite things are going for walks, being petted, and chicken.  He talks a lot and if dinner is not on the table promptly at 6pm, he lets me know he is not happy - especially if it's Sunday (chicken night)!

Your turn - tell us about your doggie.  Take him  to work tomorrow and post some pics afterward!