Technology in the Workplace

I’ll bet that when you saw the title of this blog you were either:

a) Really excited to see some new advances in technology


b) Really bored and ready to pass it by because you’re not a technology-type person and you probably won’t understand what it’s discussing anyway.

How did I do?

Well, I think I will surprise both types of people today because the workplace I’m referring to today is a home office. I’d like to showcase some products that help you control your office from anywhere with just your phone and another item that makes networking a breeze!

Linksys Wemo is a line of home automation products from Belkin International. These items help you monitor and reduce energy costs as well as control and schedule your electronic devices.

Wemo uses the existing Wi-Fi in your house to control devices such as lights, fans, heaters, computers - any device or appliance that’s plugged in - with no subscription or hub required. With your lights set on Away mode, Wemo will turn them on and off at random times to make it look like you’re at home. The Wemo Insight Smart Plug (LNK F7C029FC) also monitors energy usage and provides you with real-time reports showing how much energy your devices are consuming. Simply plug it in, download the free app and you’re good to go.

This product line is compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Nest and IFTTT as well. Click on the images above to see more detail on these great items!

The other item I’d like to show you today is the Kensington Universal USB 3.0 Docking Station. With five models to choose from, you can disconnect and reconnect your computer peripherals with a single USB cable. Several models can be mounted to the back of a monitor with the Kensington Docking Station VESA Mounting Plate (sold separately).

We live in an age of technology. Take advantage of these great items to simplify your life and your work. Have questions? Call us at 877-795-2600 - we’re happy to help!