Technology Today - New For 2019

Like it or not (I know many of you don’t), our world is technology-based. And technology moves at a very rapid pace. New inventions, faster speeds, networks, routers, more bells and whistles………………….honestly, it can make your head spin sometimes.

But it can also help your business run more efficiently. If you have one or more conference rooms in your office, you undoubtedly have a projector - and perhaps an audio system - installed. That makes presentations easy. But what happens if you or someone on your sales staff calls on a customer who doesn’t have the necessary equipment available? How do you show your presentations? You can’t really have everyone crowd around your laptop screen.

Of course, if I ask a question, you know I’m going to give you the answer. I’m excited to show you two new products today. Both of these are perfect for the traveling professional. They are small, yet powerful, and convenient.

First up is the Business Source Mini Portable Wi-Fi Projector. This DLP LED pocket projector boasts 100 ANSI lumens to support your 1080P HDMI devices and provides you with high-quality video wherever you are. It includes a Micro SD card slot, a mini HDMI port and audio out.

As you can see, the controls are located directly on the projector, so adjustments are quick and easy. A tripod and a travel case are also included, making this the perfect compact projector. (It weighs a whopping 1.65 pounds and measures 2.3” square.)

The second projector I’d like to show you is also made by Business Source. Also a DLP LED model, this one has 80 lumens and a 90-minute battery life.

At 4” square, it too will fit in the palm of your hand. It features a USB port, HDMI input, and a remote so you can control your settings from anywhere in the room. It works with Android, Apple iPhone, iPad and MacBook AirPlay.

These are just samples of the many technology items we have to help your business grow. Browse our site to see our selection. Don’t see what you need? Call us at 877-795-2600 and ask about a special order.