Test Your Knowledge - Trivia Contest

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Office Express Trivia Contest!  Each week I will post a trivia question and there will be a prize for the first person who posts a comment with the correct answer.  (No fair calling our office with the answer - it must be posted on the blog.)

What will these questions be about?  Anything and everything.  TV trivia, movies, books, science, math, history, random useless facts, music, office products trivia - whatever strikes me that day. The winner will be officially announced when the next week's question is posted.

Today's subject is 80's TV Shows.  Here is your question (it's a 2-parter):

Part 1:  Give the full names of each member of the A-Team and match them to their military ranks.

Part 2:  Of which war were they veterans?

The winner of today's contest will receive this Compucessory Phone Organizer.  Good Luck!

(Phone and accessories not included.)