The 21st Century Paper Clip

There have been so many times that I sat at my desk wishing that I had invented the sticky note or the paper clip - seemingly simple items that made somebody other than me a lot of money.  Why can't I come up with an ingenious idea so I can be filthy rich?  Just think of all the paper clips that are used in all the offices and homes throughout the world - it's staggering.

Now, there is an alternative to the traditional paper clip.  It's called the Delta Clip and it works on the same basic principle as the staple-free stapler I introduced you to last fall.  I could explain it to you, but it's easier to show you.  I'm going to apologize ahead of time - this video is really corny.

Uh huh.  I told you.  But the Delta Clip is really neat. It comes in 2 sizes and the Memo size has lines on the triangle so that you can write short notes.  If you're going to shred the documents it's attached to and you don't want to reuse the clip, it can go through the shredder with the documents because it's made of paper!  Reusable, recyclable.  Too cool.  

You can get them in all white, assorted colors, or the larger memo style (which is also white) and there are 50 clips in the box.