This is a Really Cool Chair - Zenergy by Safco!

I have been trying to break some of my bad habits - one of which is slouching.  I have back problems and I find myself slouching at my desk to relieve the pain.  I always try to have everything ergonomically correct at my desk - make sure that my legs are at a 90 degree angle, my arms are desk height, the monitor is in the correct position, etc.  But still I would find myself slouching a lot.

We have had the Zenergy chair in our showroom for quite some time now (we call it the mushroom chair) and when I first saw it, I wasn't interested at all, but then a medical professional suggested that a ball chair would help my back.  Since we are a working showroom, I replaced my desk chair with this one to try it out.


I didn't think I would like a chair with no back and no arms, but it's surprisingly comfortable.  It advertises that it may promote better posture and balance through building core muscle strength and it really has helped my posture.  And it's comfortable (did I say that already?).  And convenient.

Convenient?  A chair?

Yes.  You see, in my position, I am up and down a lot - sometimes in a hurry.  I don't stay at my desk all day.  Because this chair has no back, no arms and no casters, when I have to get up I just spin around 180 degrees  and I'm off!  (It's really fast to sit down again too.)  I liked it so much that I bought one for my computer desk at home and ditched my other chair.

It will deflate a bit with extended use, but it comes with a pump (you have to assemble it and pump it up when you get it) that's simple to use and you can inflate it or deflate it to get it to the pressure you like.

 It comes in multiple colors - black, gray, red, green and pink.  The black and gray would be perfect for a more subdued decor, while the red, green and pink would work well with a more contemporary flair.  All the colors are cloth covered and there is an additional black one that comes in leather.  It's perfect for reception areas or meeting areas.  The manufacturer cautions that it is not meant to be sat on all day (like I did).  I'm guessing that's just a protective legal disclaimer but don't hold me to that statement.  I used it all day and it was great, so I'm not really sure why they say that.  There is one small issue and that is that the chair is obviously not height adjustable, so if you have an unusually high desk, it won't work for you.  It worked fine for both of my desks.

Stop by our showroom if you're in the area and try it out.  I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.  I give it 5 paperclips!