Tile Whiteboard Wall System

Whiteboards are a common office element.  Or should I say "necessity?"  Just about every office has one or more.  

If you find that you run out of space to write during meetings and conferences, you may want to consider the MasterVision Tile Whiteboard Wall System.  This system allows you to create any size writing surface or posting surface.

Magnetic panels can be mounted vertically or horizontally and fit snugly together.

With this system, you can tailor the surface to meet your exact needs - whether you need a really big space or just more than one board.  They're a perfect solution for schools also.  And because they are magnetic, you can not only write on them, but post papers as well.

The surface of these boards is easy to clean, resists scratches and staining and comes with a ten-year manufacturer's warranty.  It's easy to mount and there is no visible hardware exposed. It comes with a 26.5" metal pen tray and the hanging hardware.  If you'd rather not mount it yourself, give us a call - our furniture installers can take care of it for you!