Track Your Order Online!

Have you noticed the newest addition to our website? We recently added a new feature that enables you to track your order online, see when it was delivered, who signed for it and how many cartons were delivered. And it’s right on our home page so you don’t have to hunt around to find it! What could be better?

Here’s how it works:

Go to our site (

Click on “View Delivery Information” in the upper left corner.


That takes you to the Delivery Status screen.

Enter your complete account number in the top box and your order number in the bottom box. Be sure to include the -0, -1, -2 etc as part of your order number.

Enter account info - no department.PNG

If your company has more than one address, each address has an identifier (0001, 0002, etc.). We call these identifiers “departments.” You’ll find your department listed underneath your account number on every order confirmation, packing list and invoice that we provide. Your complete account number consists of the account code followed by the department number.

Enter account information -with department.PNG

Then click “Check Status”

Voila! Here is your delivery status. You’ll find the order number, your PO number, your account number, address of delivery, date and time of delivery, name and signature of the person who accepted the delivery and number of cartons delivered.


If no one was available to sign and your order is being delivered on our local truck route, the driver will indicate where he left it and take a picture.


If the order has not yet been delivered, the results will say “In Transit” and if you enter and invalid order number it will say “Error - no matching delivery found.”

Awesome, right? Just another way we’re trying to make your life easier! Any time you have a request for something you’d like to see on our website, send us an email ( or give us a call at 877-795-2600. We appreciate your feedback!