Unique Desktop Accessories for Your Office

We're all familiar with the standard black plastic desktop accessories and the black mesh accessories.  You may also have seen the higher-end clear acrylic accessories and wood collections aimed more at the executives in your company. 

Today I'd like to show you a unique look from Lorell.  This collection has an industrial design to it and comes in a matte bronze finish.  Think "warehouse desks" when you see this.  The slotted design is a perfect complement to a warehouse environment and would stand up to the wear and tear in that area.  Take a look:




This set is also great for the contemporary office.  The stamped steel gives a fresh look with clean lines and a hip atmosphere.  (Do we still say "hip"?)  And best of all, they're not expensive!

Pick them up on our website here:  http://shop.oexusa.com and enjoy!