Trivia Contest - Win a Prize!

I’m not a huge fan of reality TV, which seems to be in conflict with most of the rest of America. I used to watch a few reality shows, but I’m tired of it. It’s run it’s course and I’m ready to say goodbye. Except for one show - The Masked Singer.

I LOVE this show! It’s such a different twist from the rest of the reality music shows like American Idol, The Voice and X-Factor. I watched the first show and was hooked - I can’t wait for next season! Today I want to see how many of you share my enthusiasm. So…..our topic today is:

The Masked Singer Trivia

I expect this to be a fast and furious question - if you watched the show you know the answer.

Who was revealed to be behind the mask of the Peacock on the finale episode of Season 1 of The Masked Singer?


Email your answer to by end of day Friday, June 28 for a chance to win:

A Chill-its Cooling Towel - to keep your cool during all your summer fun!

Good Luck!

Last question: What word can come before “standard,” “record,” “rush” or “coast” or after “old,” “rose,” “liquid” or “black”?

Answer: Gold

On our last trivia blog, I accidentally posted the wrong previous question & answer. I’ve updated it, but just so you don’t have to go back to look, here is the correct info:

Question: Match the character with their pet.

Answer: Charlie Brown/Snoopy, Jon Arbuckle/Garfield, Fred Flintstone/Dino, George Jetson/Astro, Aladdin/Abu, Princess Jasmine/Rajah, The Brady Bunch/Tiger, Calvin/Hobbes, Jack Byrnes/Mr. Jinx.

Thanks for playing - see you next week!