Trivia Contest - Win a Prize!

I like to play games.  My favorite is euchre - what's yours?  Let's find out how many gamers we have in our midst.  That's right - today's topic is:


In the original version of Risk, you attack your opponent with 3 armies and she defends with 2.  You roll a 6, a 4 and a 2, while she rolls a 6 and a 3.  How many armies do you lose?

Email your answer to before next Wednesday for a chance to win:

A 3M Pop-up Note Cat Shaped Dispenser! (Comes with two 3x3 pads of notes)

Good Luck!

Last weeks's question was:  This county has been more correct than any other in predicting the winner of presidential elections.  It has missed only twice since 1888 - voting for Williams Jennings Bryan instead of William Howard Taft in 1908 and voting for Adlai Stevenson instead of Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1952.  It has voted for the winning candidate in every election from 1956 to 2012. Quite a record!  Name the county and the state that it's in.

Answer:  Vigo County, Indiana