Electronics Recycling Service

Being mindful of the products we use and caring for our environment is critical to the cleanliness and safety of not only our own local community, but also the communities of others that pollutants impact. Did you know that almost every part of your old electronics can be recycled to make our earth safer? That is why we now provide a FREE electronics recycling service! With every delivery of supplies, our drivers will pickup any of your recyclable electronics directly from your business. To start this complimentary service, just have your electronics ready for pickup when your driver arrives with your delivery!

What can you recycle?

We accept working and non working computers, servers, laptops, cell phones, DVD players, tablets, printers, other computer related items, and also, toner cartridges. We do not accept CRT’s, box TV’s, hard drives, and other media, such as floppy disks, CD’s, and cassettes.

Limit 1 item picked up per delivery; 20 lbs max.



Our recycling partner, ElectroCycle, is located in Farmington Hills, MI. Their other services include onsite hard drive shredding and secure onsite document shredding. Take a look at www.electro-cycle.com for details, pricing, and their additional services! Ask for Matthew Portnoy to receive special discounted rates developed for OEX customers.