Helena P.

“In the years that I have been with St. Vincent de Paul, I have enjoyed every aspect of working with Office Express - from the ordering of supplies to printing projects.

It is such a pleasure to hear A. or D.’s voice when I call. Many times I do not have the part number or the correct part number, but always they are willing to look at our prior orders or to look through the catalogue to find what it is I need. These last couple of years I have gotten into the habit of emailing A., particularly, with my requests and not only do I always get an acknowledgement, but it includes some words of cheer that make me smile the rest of the day, 

R. is a total pleasure to see when he arrives with our supplies and learned very quickly which orders
come to the kitchen and which go to the copy room, so my days of moving boxes have come to an end. R. is always willing to take an order or boxes to another office when we realize the materials belong to a specific department. His courtesy and pleasant manner make all of us smile when we see him coming. 

Your staff is outstanding in general but I wanted you to know in particular how much I enjoy A., D. and R.