About Us

Long-Term Relationships. Creative Solutions. Single Source Provider.

We may not be the biggest name in town, but I do believe the business has been a blessing to many people. We have survived - and even thrived - in a competitive industry. We have remained strong while many other independent supply dealers have gone out of business. Our business has grown tenfold from where we started. I would like to think that our customers have rewarded our service and pricing by helping us grow over the years. From the heart, I thank our customers. Without you, this business would not exist.
— Mike Carr, Founder

Office Express has been serving the business community since 1986. Our name and location has changed more than a few times, but our dedication to our customers and Michigan base have remained the same throughout the years.

We will seek to find win-win solutions to assist our customers in saving money, solving problems and increasing their business. We will always do our best to deliver our products when our customers need them. We will also value the people and suppliers who work with us, treating them as valued partners. 

OEX Core Values

  1. Passion for customer needs
  2. Great at relationships - internal and external
  3. Going above and beyond
  4. Out-of-box problem solving
  5. Always learning
  6. Positive attitude  

Long-Term Relationships

Our goal is to form a long lasting relationship with you, our customer. As a local supplier, we'll take the time to get to know you and your business. It is important to us that you are getting all the help and guidance we can possibly provide. We aren't like those Big Box suppliers who see their customers as just a number on a sheet of paper. We take care to grow our relationship with you and we know a good relationship isn't just formed overnight. It takes time - and time spent on you is time well spent. 

Creative Solutions

Not all problems have a simple fix. Most require plenty of focus and time to solve. At OEX, we put in that extra effort and go the extra mile for you. We are experts at thinking outside the box to come up with a solution that is tailored to your specific circumstances and needs. 

Single Source Provider

Going through different companies for all of your office needs can be exhausting and time consuming. We realize the extreme difficulty of doing this, so we decided to make it simple. We provide comprehensive solutions for all of your business needs - everything from office furniture consultation, design and selection, next day delivery of over 40,000 office supply SKUs, to commercial printing and promotional items supplemented by professional graphic design services. We do it all. Take back all that time you're wasting and join us to start improving your business today!

Value Proposition

Every business wants to save money. Getting the lowest price on everything that you buy might seem like a good idea, but a better way to save money is to create a strategy that equips your employees with the proper tools to do their jobs efficiently. OEX will help you create a strategy to buy the right products, in the right quantities, for the right prices. We also have the depth and purchasing power of the big box stores, but none of the overhead, so that savings gets passed on to you!  We can help.

Giving Back

Since 1986, OEX has built a culture and tradition of service to customers and service to the community. Based on the universal principles of service and giving, one way we give back to our community is through our pledge to help local non-profits and people in need with a percentage of our profits each year. We also make a pledge to give back to our non-profit customers who work tirelessly to take care of the people in our communities.  Through this tradition, we dedicate ourselves and our business to honor God in all we do in operating the company, serving our customers, and our community.