Price Match Guarantee

Same item, lower price? We'll match it*
(and throw in a little thing called service).

We work hard to bring you the best overall pricing on the market every day. One of the benefits of partnering with us is we'll help monitor your overall spend and make recommendations to save you even more money month after month, quarter after quarter. We buy from the same places the big boxes do and have the same buying power. No one company ever has the lowest price on every item, so if you find the same item at a competitor's site, let us know about it, and we'll match the price.


Same Item?

The item must be the same as the one you are buying at OEX, and it has to be in stock at the competitor.

Sites such as Amazon can be very confusing where 3rd parties frequently use name-brand SKUs in descriptions but subtly hide the fact that they are providing an off-brand equivalent at the lower price. We'll help you make sure it's truly the item you want and are expecting to receive.


Lower Price?

The price must be a current price at the competitor (i.e. not a past sale). We will price match for your "landed cost" of the item including shipping. 

Remember with OEX you get deliveries NEXT DAY FREE! (faster than Prime and, unlike Prime, it's provided at no cost!)



Does OEX accept competitor coupons? We do, but all the terms on the coupon apply including restrictions such as one per order.

Will OEX price match and accept a coupon too? You can use either a coupon or price match to a lower price, but not both. 

Does OEX match "free gift with purchase" offers? No, this would be way too complicated to manage, but call us and we’ll see what our best deal can be on that item!

How to Request a Price Match

  1. Price match requests are handled quickly and easily by calling Customer Care at 877-795-2600. 
  2. Be prepared to direct us to the right spot. This could be a link to the competitor's webpage or a screenshot emailed to
  3. We will verify it's an apples to apples comparison.
  4. We'll apply the discount to your order for that item.

* some exclusions apply.