A New Type of Inbox

If you're like most people, you have a desk tray of some kind that functions as your "In" box at your desk.  This is the central location where people drop off assorted documents for your attention.  It probably looks something like this: 

Maybe you have them stacked 3 or 4 high and you use the very top one as the "In" tray.  That's fine - as long as it doesn't matter who sees what's in the tray.  But what about confidential items?  Where do you put those?

Introducing the Lockit Inbox Desk Tray - a desk tray with a lockable, private compartment.

Made by SteelMaster, this item has a standard front-loading tray on top for the routine documents and a locking compartment underneath.  Confidential items can be inserted into the slot, where they will stay hidden from prying eyes and only you will be able to retrieve them (assuming the keys are in a safe place....).  It's 11 inches wide and 14-1/8 inches deep, so you can fit a lot of documents inside.  The black steel construction has a scratch-and-chip resistant finish and includes non-marring feet to prevent it from scratching the surface it sits on.

Not only does it solve a common problem, but it also looks stylish and fits with most office decor.  I think it's a wonderful idea - I give it 5 paper clips.