Are Those Real?

No, that’s not what I meant. (Shame on you!)

If your business handles cash, you are constantly on guard for counterfeit bills. Forgers are coming up with new methods all the time and you need to be diligent in your efforts to protect your business. We’re all familiar with the counterfeit detector pens, but those only tell you whether the bill is on genuine U.S. currency paper. UV lights will show you other features of genuine bills, giving you added protection. There are several counterfeit detector products available that offer UV light and I’d like to showcase two of those products today.

The DriMark Tri-Test UV Counterfeit Detector offers triple protection for your business.

This compact machine not only detects counterfeit currency, but also falsified documents such as driver licenses, passports, credit cards and travelers cheques. The ultraviolet LEDs detect embedded security markings, while the white LEDs show watermarks and the included detector pen verifies the genuine currency paper. The LED detection protects you from bleached bills as well.

This little guy is only 3”w x 7”d x 3”h and operates on three C batteries. It’s an inexpensive, yet highly effective tool for your business.

If you’d like a more comprehensive protection, consider one of the devices that uses UV, magnetic and infrared technologies.

The Steelmaster 4850 Bill Counter offers UV, MG and IR detection as well as bill-size detection. U.S. currency is created in a standard size, and minor deviations would not be obvious to the naked eye, but this device spots them. It will run you a bit more because it is a higher end machine, but if you handle a large amount of cash in your business, the investment can pay for itself in short order.

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