Back to School With Measure Man!

The kids have been back to school for a couple weeks now and hopefully the reviews of last year's material are almost over.  Time to move on to new (and exciting?) topics.

If you are an elementary school teacher, this item may interest you.  It's called Measure Man Bulletin Board set. 

Measure Man is a measurement-themed bulletin board set that includes Measure Man, a liquid measurement chart, 11 border strips and a resource guide. Measure Man is a good size - 27.25" x 38.75" when assembled and the liquid measurement chart is 17"x 24."  It's a great way for kids to learn cup, pint, quart and gallon and to make it fun for them - especially for the boys.  Boys learn differently than girls do and the robot is something that would grab their attention.  I raised a boy - I remember the problems getting him to focus.  I imagine that a teacher with a classroom of 10 or 15 boys may like this tool as a way to engage those young minds.

And after you teach them the basics with Measure Man, they can practice with the Classroom Measuring Set.

This set includes plastic measuring cups and spoons that nest for easy storage - a great accessory to complement Measure Man!