Colors in the Office

There are a lot of moving pieces in an office remodel.  The overall style is probably the first thing on the docket - do we want contemporary or traditional? Something else?  Once that's decided, the furniture can be chosen, then the flooring, the lighting..........the list goes on and on.  

Take time to consider the color of the rooms.  If you've ever redecorated your house, you probably spent a bit of time trying to decide on the paint colors. Perhaps you bought some sample-size cans and painted patches on your wall to see how it would look before you jumped in with both feet.  The same concept applies to the office environment.  Different colors have different effects on employee moods, feelings and thoughts and great care should be given to the new design.  

A couple months ago, we had our grand re-opening celebration for our renovation.  Office Express was completely overhauled - more than a year in the making.  Here are a few before and after pictures:


What a change!  When you look at the before pictures, how do the colors make you feel?  How does the grey in the after pictures make you feel?  Studies have been done on this very topic - you may have read about some of them. recently published an excellent article about the relationship between room colors and mood.  The article explains how certain colors affect people and how to use those colors appropriately in interior design.  For instance, red is a very powerful color.  2020 tells us that it stimulates us and even has the ability to raise our heart rate.  It should be used for rooms that have movement and energy and should not be used in rooms that are meant to be calm and tranquil.  You can read the entire article on their site here:

Office Express has three professional interior designers on staff to help you make those all important choices and insure that your renovation creates the perfect feel for your office space.  Call us at 877-795-2600 to schedule a consultation.