How to Choose an Office Supply Vendor - Products & Delivery

Welcome back!  The next thing to consider in your search for an office supply vendor is products and delivery.  


A big question here is:  Does the supplier carry the items you purchase regularly?


Ideally, the answer is yes.  A good office supply vendor will carry a vast array of items - not just typical office supplies like paper, writing instruments and binder clips.   Can your company buy its basic supplies, ink and toner, electronics, furniture, breakroom and janitorial supplies all from the same vendor?  What about specialty supplies?  Make a list of the items and brands that you use and verify that the supplier carries them.  If not, are you willing to switch brands?  A good supplier will offer multiple name brand and generic ("house brand") items to choose from.  Also, is the supplier willing and able to special order items for you?

Office Express provides over 62,000 items across a wide variety of brands and classifications - including specialty items for the legal and healthcare industries.  We offer furniture, promotional products and custom printing - that's right, you can get your envelopes, brochures, letterhead, etc. from us as well. We can save you time and resources by having to make fewer purchases and deal with fewer vendors.



Now for the million dollar question:  How fast can you get your order after you place it?


We Americans are an impatient bunch.  We want everything NOW and office supplies are no exception.  Some companies keep a supply closet stocked with basic supplies that all the employees pull from.  Others order as needed, or "just in time."   Regardless of the category your company falls into, we generally don't want to wait a week to get our order.  That used to be the norm, but not any more - everything is faster now.  Find out what the supplier's delivery time is - will you receive your order tomorrow, 2-3 days, next week?  Do they only deliver to your city on certain days of the week?  

Another important question is how do they/can they handle urgent orders? Can they get something to you the same day?  If not, can you request (and receive) early morning delivery the next day?  Rush orders happen - people forget to order items they need - it's a part of business.  Make sure the supplier can accommodate rush requests - and whether they charge an extra fee for doing so.

Office Express provides next day delivery across the country for all in-stock items.   Our local area is serviced by our own fleet of experienced delivery drivers.  Out of area orders are delivered via common carriers.  While it's difficult to promise a specific delivery time, if you are serviced by our drivers and let us know about the situation when you place the order, we can get it to you within a time frame that works for you (before 10am or after 1pm, for instance).  No one there to sign for the delivery?  If you leave us a signed note authorizing us to leave it in your absence, we are happy to do so.  We'll even take it to the suite next door if that's where you would like it.  Our drivers go above and beyond to satisfy your delivery needs (and we don't charge extra for it)!

Call us at 877-795-2600 and let us show you how it's done!