It's a New Year - Start with Organization!

The beginning of a new year is always a busy time.  Filing and storing last year's documents, setting up new files, decluttering the office, organizing the supply cabinet, etc.  A good way to organize is by using storage compartments and modules.  These units give you a place to put the small items (pens, sticky notes, glue sticks, nuts, bolts, etc.).  They'll save space and create a well-designed storage unit.

For example, Sparco offers several small storage cubes:

These cubes allow you to separate items for easy access and can stack on top of each other for quick, neat assembly.


  For items that are a little larger, consider the Sparco Three-Compartment Storage Organizer:

As you can see, this one's a great item for larger, bulkier items like legal pads and staplers.


For the ultimate in small item organization, try the Deflecto Tilt Bin Interlocking Multi-Bin Storage Organizers.  These units come in 3, 4, 5, 6 and 9 compartment sizes.  They have clear bins that interlock, with a design that allows you to mix, match and stack different sizes.  They can be wall mounted or used on a countertop and each bin can be removed from the locking mechanism for easy cleaning.

The 5-compartment unit is shown above.  Below is an idea of what you can do when you stack different sizes: 

Deflecto Tilt Bin.jpg

The last item I'd like to show you today is the Deflecto Storage Caddy Kit.  

If you work in a school or a day care facility, this would be fantastic for storing art supplies.  The three storage caddies are removable and can hang on the wall using the included mounting bar.  The caddies are plastic and have hinged, snap-tight lids.  The kit includes the wheel base, three caddies and the mounting bar.  You can also buy the caddies separately: 

These caddies would also be great in a medical setting, like a lab.  The wheel base has swivel casters, allowing for easy transport and it can hold up to 40 lbs.

These are just a few ideas to help you start your new year right.  Getting organized now will improve productivity and keep your office looking neat and professional!

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