It's Moving Season!

Now that the winter is over (am I going to incur the wrath of the weather gods for making that statement?) the season for moving and/or spring cleaning has begun!  If you're one of those people, the main thing you need is boxes.  Small, medium, large, wardrobe - you name it.  Or maybe you need storage boxes for the office (all those files have to go somewhere.....).

Whatever your need, we have the boxes for you.  Whether it's standard corrugated boxes, mailing tubes, bubble wrap, or tape, we've got you covered.  And since I get excited about just about any office supply item, I'm excited to show you a new item in our pack and ship section.

I am a child of convenience.  I like things that make my life easier, so I loved it when I saw the new EasyBox self-sealing boxes that we're carrying.

They're just like a peel 'n seal envelope, but in a box.  Just peel the adhesive strip, press down the flaps and the box is sealed.  The adhesive is strong enough that your package is even safe for shipping!  It has a tamper evident seal and a tear strip for easy opening. No extra tape needed and no fumbling with a tape gun!  We've got them in 3 sizes for you.

Do you need mailing tubes for posters or other large documents?  Check out our large assortment - we've got round, square, triangular (yup!), snap and adjustable.  Everything you can possibly need.  

And because I'm such a helpful person, here's a quick guide to help you choose the right size box:

  • Small boxes - for packing compact or heavy items like small office equipment or books.
  • Medium boxes - for mid-weight items like oversized binders or computer monitors.
  • Large boxes - for bulkier items like monitor stands of office plants.
  • Wardrobe boxes - for clothes (obviously) but also good for easels, banners and tradeshow materials.

Still need help deciding?  Give us a call - we'll help you pick out the right items for your project.