Marketing Strategies: Promotional Products

Did you know that 82.6% of people can recall the company and brand on their promotional product? If you're not taking advantage of this opportunity, it's time for you to start getting your brand name out there for all to see!   Promotional products are a great way to get your company in front of people.  Everyone likes free gifts.  They're an introductory tactic, a way to get your foot in the door, a way to get the opportunity to bid on business with an existing client that they've never let you in on, etc. 

We're all familiar with the coffee mugs, pens and sticky notes - those are the staples of the promotional products industries - but if you find those to be mundane, there are so many more items that you can put your brand on.  Think about tech accessories, candy and snacks, and golf accessories - just to name a few.  Give your customers a car charger with your logo on it, a box of chocolates or some golf tees.   Tote bags are another good one - everyone can use one and they provide a large canvas for your company logo and information.  Cooler bags are great also (think lunch tote). 

 Table covers are a must have for any trade shows or conventions. 

I like getting useful items, but toys are cool too.  Like this custom Rubik's cube or Rubik's cube flash drive.  

This little gizmo is one of my favorites.  It's called a Wall Walker and it has been a hit in our office from the time I got it and started showing it to people.  You throw it at the wall or the door and gravity pulls it and it walks down the wall.  It is so awesome - you really have to see it in person!

There are tons of industry specific products also - healthcare, automotive, etc.  Just about anything you can think of can be done.  So sit down with your marketing team, put your heads together and decide what you would like.  We will be here waiting to help when you call!