New Product Spotlight: Bic Atlantis Ultra Comfort Pens

Last fall, I wrote a review of two new ballpoint pens from Bic, called the Atlantis Exact and the Atlantis Comfort.  I really liked those pens - I gave them 5 paper clips.  So when the Bic rep came to see me again with another new model in the line, I was eager to try it.

Introducing the Bic Atlantis Ultra Comfort ballpoint pen.

This pen is Bic's knock off of the Pilot Dr. Grip pen, which was my first "favorite" pen.  I bought the Dr. Grip when it first came out and I loved it - it was wider than normal pens and the silicone grip was really comfy.  Then Sanford came out with the PhD and that eclipsed the Dr. Grip in my book.  Now we have the Ultra Comfort - which is also a wider pen.  

The styling of the upper part of the Ultra Comfort isn't quite as "upscale" as the Dr. Grip, but I don't buy my pens for their fashion sense and, if I did, it's still an attractive pen.  The silicone grip on my Dr. Grip is concave - it does cushion my fingers, but it isn't anywhere near as cushy as the Ultra Comfort's grip.  You can see in the picture above that the grip on the Ultra Comfort kind of balloons out - it's like a pillow of softness!  It's super comfortable to write with.

This pen has the same ink as the Atlantis Exact and Atlantis Comfort pens - it's incredibly smooth and the ball just floats across the paper.  I've been using it regularly at work for about a week now and it's really great.  It comes in medium point black and blue ink.

Which means I hate it.


I hate medium point pens.  With a passion.  One of the things that I liked about the Atlantis Exact and the Atlantis Comfort was that they felt and wrote more like extra fine and fine rather than fine and medium point.  The Ultra Comfort only comes in medium and it is a true medium, so, although I like the pen, I won't continue to use it because I like fine point.  (I won't hold that against the pen in my rating though.)  Those of you who like medium point pens will be in heaven with this one.

Bic executives, if you're reading this, please make this pen in fine point!  (Blue ink please.)

Bic has really scored a home run with these reinventions of the Atlantis pens.  I encourage you to try them - 5 paper clips all the way!