Office Chairs - One Size Does Not Fit All

During the past few months I've been writing a series of blogs on furniture - purchasing new office furniture, how to choose the proper chairmat, chair cushions/supports, etc.  Today I'm going to talk briefly about how to choose your new chair and what I want you to remember is simply this:  One size does not fit all.

Office chairs come with many comfort/ergonomic features, such as seat height adjustment, back height adjustment, tilt lock, seat glide and posture control.  Most people concentrate on which of these options to choose and completely ignore the fit of the chair.  Don't get me wrong - comfort and ergonomics are vital when you spend 8 hours each day in a chair, but remember to find one that fits the person who will be using it.  

We get calls occasionally from people who are unhappy because the new chair they bought broke after a short time.  Perhaps the cylinder is failing or the casters cracked.  One of the questions we would ask, delicately of course, is in regard to the size of the user.  Chairs have weight limits.  Always check this spec along with the others when considering chairs.  If the chair accommodates up to 400 pounds and the user is a bigger person, that chair may not fit.  Yes, it's a sensitive issue, but one that needs to be addressed not only for comfort, but also for safety and budget.  If you buy a chair that's not meant to accommodate a larger person and it breaks, you then have to buy another chair, so you've doubled your expense.  (Yes, the chair can most likely be repaired, but if it will just break again due to the circumstances.)

Big and Tall chairs are offered by pretty much every chair manufacturer and they have varying weight limits.  You can find them in a variety of categories - executive, task and reception seating.  Yes, don't forget about the reception area.  The last thing you want is an uncomfortable or embarrassed client because they can't sit in your reception area.  

Need help choosing?  Our Account Managers can help you pick out the perfect chair and even bring a demo chair for you to try out.  Call us anytime at 877-795-2600 - we'll be glad to help!