Problem Solvers - Portable Power Toolkit

We live in a world of technology.  We have smart phones, tablets, laptops, mp3 players, iThingies - the list is endless.  And all of those wonderful gadgets need power.  They last for a day and then need to be recharged.  And if you forget to charge it..................................


Solution - the Weego Jump Starter Battery

Weego charges all of your small electronics - and it can jump start your vehicle too!  It is a perfect item for all of your delivery drivers to carry.  Or your sales people.  Think of the benefits - your truck's battery dies mid-route.  With this gizmo, your driver doesn't have to sit idle while waiting for the tow truck/roadside assistance to arrive.  He just hooks up the Weego and in a few minutes he's back on the road.  All of his deliveries are made.  Your sales people won't be late for appointments either.   


We're all familiar with the portable power banks for our phones and tablets - they're everywhere.  But they don't last all that long and they can't jump start your car.  

There are three versions of the Weego available.  The standard version will jump start a gas engine up to 4.6 liters and diesels up to 2.4 liters.  Heavy duty Weego can handle gas engines up to 6.4 liters and diesels up to 3.2 liters.  The professional model will do most gas engines and diesel engines up to 4.8 liters.  Not only will Weego charge cars and trucks, it will do boats and motorcycles too.  (Thought I'd let you know that just in case your business is a boat shop or a motorcycle dealer.)  It comes with a 3-in-1 USB cord with micro, 30-pin and lightning connectors, laptop/device connectors with adapter cable, wall & car charger and, of course, jumper cables.

And it fits in your pocket.  

Obviously it has tons of applications for both business and personal use.  In a world where everybody is connected and it's a catastrophe if you go offline, the Weego is the perfect solution.