Safety and Security

Regardless of the type of business you’re in, every company has safety and security issues to deal with.  You need the proper equipment and supplies to keep both your employees and customers safe and to avoid workplace accidents.

 What types of items do you think of when I say “Safety and Security”?  Let me guess:

How did I do?  Probably pretty close.  Those are all common items when it comes to safety and they definitely fit the category, but there are many, many more items that fall into this area.

If your company is in manufacturing/industrial, you need ear protection, respirators, sorbent, shoe covers, coveralls, hard hats, safety vests, and maybe even two-way radios.  If you’re in food service, you need food handling gloves, aprons, and hair covers (for the safety of your customers).   Other types of companies may have a need for crowd control – traffic cones, caution tape, stanchions, and safety batons.  And what about security mirrors and emergency lights?  How about an eye wash station?

So where do you purchase all of these types of items?  You probably buy the first aid supplies from us, and maybe the wet floor signs or cones too, and then you go to another supplier for the “specialty” items. 

Did you know that Office Express carries every item that I mentioned above?  When we say we are your one-stop shop, we mean it!  We have a large assortment of safety items in stock for immediate shipment and more that can be special ordered at your request. 

When you’re planning your company purchases, keep in mind that your time is worth something.  If you are splitting your purchases between multiple vendors to save money (theoretically), take a good look at how much time you spend getting current pricing, creating multiple purchase orders, placing those orders with multiple vendors and processing the purchase orders when the products arrive.  (Not to mention waiting for the products to arrive…)  Multiply that time by your pay rate to see how much that process cost you and add that cost to the purchase price of the items.  Did you still save money?

Office Express is your single source provider for all your office needs.  Let us be your one-stop destination and instantly gain access to our catalog of thousands of items and convenient shipping options.  Can’t find it online?  Call us –a representative will be happy to help you find exactly what you need.