Save Time With Recurring Orders

Ordering supplies for your office - whether it be pens, paper, janitorial, breakroom or some other category - can be time consuming.  Especially if your company has a formal purchasing department and there are requisitions and purchase orders involved.

We are excited to announce a new function on our website that will save you time if you find yourself ordering the same items over and over again - Recurring Orders.  Recurring Orders allow you to create an order and schedule the frequency of the delivery - the order will be automatically sent to you on your schedule.  You can edit items and quantities or reschedule the delivery date as needed.  

Best of all, it's SIMPLE! 

To get started, just log in and start an order as usual for the items you want to recur, then click Checkout.  On the right side of the checkout screen, you'll see a new prompt:  Yes! Start a Recurring Order


Click the button next to Yes! and select the frequency from the "select a time frame"  drop down box.  Then just click Place Order.  That's it! You've created an order that will ship immediately and be scheduled to automatically be placed and shipped for you according to the time frame you selected.  We'll send you a reminder email a few days before the order is scheduled to ship next.

If changes need to be made, no worries!  If you can't remember when the order is coming, no worries!  You can manage all your recurring orders in one place.  Log in, hover your mouse over the My Accounts link at the top of the page, and select Manage Recurring Orders.


That takes you to this screen, which gives you a list of all the recurring orders you have:


Click on the blue order number of the order you want to modify and that will bring you here:


From here you can modify a variety of parameters on the order - add or delete items, change quantities, reschedule the order, change the frequency, delete the order and more!  And you don't have to worry about saving your changes - our system does it automatically.  No "Save" buttons to click!

What could be easier??  Save yourself time and let our system do the work for you!  Have questions?  Call us at 877-795-2600 and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.