Stay Organized and on Task at Work

This month our weekly eblasts will be focusing on items to help you stay organized and on task at work.  Since I know that's easier said than done for many of you, I'm going to start off the month with some handy file folders to aid you in your quest. 

Now, there are seemingly ZILLIONS of filing products out there - all made by very good companies - and a file folder is a file folder, right?  All the companies pretty much make them out of the same material, with similar features, so it usually comes down to the price.  Not so, my young Jedi.  Teach you the ways of the force, I will.


Here's a product line that I really like.  It's called Notes and it's made by Smead.  Take a look at the items below:

Notice anything different about these folders?  They all have a lined notes section on the front.  That's a great feature because the extra information that you might normally put on a sticky note and attach to the folder can now be right on the folder itself, eliminating the need for the sticky notes and lessening the possibility that the notes will get lost.  The lines will help you maximize the space by ensuring that you're writing straight across.

The packs have assorted colors (aqua, goldenrod, pink and yellow) and color coding helps to categorize your files, which, in turn, makes you more efficient. Use these folders to track projects, sales leads or any other tasks.

They come in regular file folders, fastener folders, flat file jackets, 2" expanding file jackets and vertical slash jackets - something for everyone!  If you work with a lot of files daily, these can really be a handy tool.