Trends in Office Design

Is your office space configured for maximum productivity? Do your employees have both the spaces and the tools necessary for creative collaboration? Is the space comfortable? Is it flexible? These are all questions to consider when evaluating your current work space. Companies spend time and money evaluating processes and procedures and trying to find best practices to move the company forward and make it the best it can be; the work environment also needs to be considered in those evaluations.

If your office is like ours, you need multiple meeting spaces. Gone are the days when one conference room was all there was - or all you needed. Each space needs to have audio visual capabilities, internet connections, conference phones, white boards, etc. What they don’t have to have is four walls. Trends and styles in office design have changed drastically and the furniture industry has changed along with them. Employees are mobile - using laptops instead of desktop PCs. Pretty much everyone has a smartphone. Technology is wireless, paper is gone, most communication is digital. All of these trends affect the way your business does business.


You may say, “We’re not looking to remodel right now,” but that may be exactly what you need to do to make your business more effective and efficient. wrote an interesting article titled “5 Modern Office Design Trends” which presents solutions to exactly those issues I mentioned above. It also discusses the importance of comfort for your employees. I encourage you to read it and then take a close look at your work space. Sometimes the thing you think you need to focus on the least is really what you need to focus on first.


OEX has three professional designers and expert sales staff to help you create the perfect office space - functional, efficient, tech savvy, flexible comfortable, and most of all, representative of your company. When most people think of “remodeling” they think of knocking down walls and gutting rooms, new flooring , new windows, etc., but you can create a more efficient space just by reconfiguring the furniture in the existing space. For instance, whiteboard paint or whiteboard sheets can take the place of the whiteboard itself. We can help - just call your account manager to set up a consultation. You can come to our showroom or we can come to you - whatever works best for you!

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