What Have You Lost Lately?

I think that anyone who has ever used an office supply item has heard of Smead®.  You know – the filing folder guys.  Well, our friends at Smead® have come up with a cool little gadget (that has absolutely nothing to do with filing) and I just have to show it to you.

Introducing the Smead® Stick-N-Find Bluetooth Location Tracker.   

So maybe you’re not as excited about it as they are, but give it a chance. 

The Stick-N-Find is a little gizmo that you attach to the items you want to keep track of – your keys, your electronics, your wallet, etc. - and it works like the Hot and Cold game you played when you were a kid.  Just load the app (yes, it’s free) onto your phone, tablet, or iPod touch.  It uses proximity radar to show you whether you are close or far away from the item you lost –oops, I mean the item you temporarily relocated.  When you get close to it, you can push the page button and your item will buzz and light up to allow you to find it. It tracks up to 20 items within 150 feet.

Check it out:

Ok, so the video’s a little corny……………….. but I'm sure you've all been in that situation at least once - and this item will rescue you!

The Stick-N-Find is sold as a pack of 2 and is compatible with the following operating systems:  Android™ ;  Mac® ; iOS®.  For Use With: Devices with Bluetooth® ; 4.0 (iPhone® ; 4S, iPhone® ; 5/5S, iPad® ; 3rd Gen, iPad® ; 4th Gen, iPad® ; mini, iPod Touch® ; 5th Gen, Samsung Galaxy S® ; 3/4, Samsung Galaxy Note® ; II/III).

(Admit it - you know you need one of these....)