Why Do Consumers Laminate?

If I were to take a survey and ask consumers why they laminate, the most popular answers would be what we call the 3 P's of lamination:

  • Protection
  • Presentation
  • Preservation

The business world normally focuses on the first two - document protection and presentation.  You may need to protect a document like a price list or a menu.  Or you may want to laminate a document that you are giving out or displaying during a conference to enhance the colors.  School teachers may want to laminate signs or flash cards being used in class. In the current rolling 12 month period, almost $138 MILLION dollars has been spent on laminators and lamination supplies.  

The commercial  customer is someone who laminates more than ten documents weekly and needs a multi-user machine that is fast and easy to use and will last up to 5 years.  Plus Packs are the newest thing on the market for lamination supplies.   (And even better yet, they're on sale until the end of April!)

Swingline™, a division of Acco Brands, is offering value bundles called Plus Packs that include the laminator, an extended warranty, and a pack of laminating pouches.  The Fusion™ 5100XL and 5000XL models are perfect for the commercial consumer.  They feature a 60-second warm up and can laminate 5 documents in just 1 minute.  They offer auto pouch thickness detection, auto jam detection and removal, capacity from 1.5 mil to 10 mil thickness and a 12.5" lamination width.  The 5100XL also allows for custom lamination settings for professional users.  The 5000 series comes with a 50-pack of 3 mil letter size EZUsespeed pouches.

The extended warranty is noteable.  I'm sure you've all purchased, or at least priced out, an extended warranty on some kind of electronic device or appliance - you know how much they usually cost. The normal warranty on these laminators is a limited 1-year, but when you purchase the Plus Pack, you get a 3-year warranty.   A lot of writers say to skip the warranties, but I feel they do have a place and a benefit in some situations.  And with the current promotion, you can get the Plus Pack for less than the normal price of just the laminator.  Let's not forget that a pack of laminating pouches normally costs upwards of $50 and you're getting those included as well.

Fusion 5000 series

Fusion 5000 series

If productivity is essential in your office, consider a Swingline laminator Plus Pack.  I think you'll be glad you did.