Thought for the Day

When I wrote my very first Thought for the Day post, I said, "They will be short and sweet; sometimes they will be philosophical, sometimes they will be humorous.  Whatever strikes my fancy.  Just a blip in the middle of your day."  Well, this one will be a little off track of what I usually do, but I just have to say this.

I was listening to the radio and a song came on the air that I just can't stand.  It has to have the all-time silliest lyrics I've ever heard and it boggles my mind to know that it was a hit.  Every time I hear this song it just irks me.  I'm sure you've heard it.  

I drink alone, yeah.  With nobody else.  I drink alone, yeah.  With nobody else.  You know when I drink alone I prefer to be by myself.    


You prefer to be by yourself when you drink alone?

I'd love to hear your nominations for the silliest, most annoying song lyrics (as long as there are no nasty words in them.  Keep it clean.)  Post them here - maybe we'll take a vote and crown a new winner.